Touching moment man relaxes gorilla who just lost his mom


A heart aching photo has gone viral through the social media. In that picture a man was trying to comfort a gorilla that had just lost its mom. And we can see how hard it was for him.

For this poor mountain dog tha main is all too much.This photo was taken in the Virguna National Park in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Patrick and the park ranger have such a great bond. And the gorilla is so marvolous. It’s showing his appreciation by putting his hand on the ranger’s foot.

Picture also shows the gorillas ability to express appreciation for another species that is not his own. That is really important for humanity.

Mountain gorillas are endangered right now and it is due to human behavior. The first reason is deforestation, that resulted serious loses.

Every single day, about 80.000 acres of the forests are destroyed for industries, such as agriculture and mining.

The next danger for gorillas is trafficking. Gorilla meat is very popular in the industry and it needs to be stopped.
Nowadays conversations have led to some success in restoring the wild gorillapopulations.

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