A German shepherd waits in front of the door till his owner returns home from hospital


Dogs are never tired of astonishing us with their stories. When the grandfather was a t the hospital for one night, the shepherd was waiting for him near the door.

With this behaviour he showed his endless love and devotion towards his owner.All of this began earlier. When Leia was taken to her grandmother and grandfather’s house for her holidays.

So the grandfather felt bad in the evening and that is why he was taken to hospital. The granny came back home as she was not allowed to stay there because of coronavirus.

When the puppy greeted the granny she understood right away that something had happened.

She laid at the door and was very sad. She nodded her head in front of door very upset.

Nobody saw how connected she was with grandfather till her this kind of behaviour. So after all the he made a decision to keep the dog with him forever.

Happily, the grandfather came back very early, and his pup seeing his owner felt really joyous.

This devoted creatures feel what we feel in general. This is a real example how much dogs are connected to their owners.

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