You remember the Budweiser Clydesdales? Behind-the-scenes footage shows their journey to the superbowl


If you have ever wondered how the comercials work, here is a good article for you. For years this beer company was using incredible horses as a part of their brand for decades.

They incorporated them into advertisement and promoting. This horses tend to become TV stars as they have been working for Budweiser company for years.

They have been working like this almost for 80 years and they are very famous thanks to their horses. They have special training compaies where they teach and train the horses to pull wagons for advertising aims or as to say be a star for a multi million dollar ad, that only in USA it’s going to be viewed for more that 100 million times.

Moreover you don’t need to worry for these animals as they are very well looked after and cared for. From the very beggining of their life to their retiring period this horses live their best lives.

For Jeff one of their bosses, this is more than just a job. He always says that everything they do is a great responsibility for them.

It is a huge operation and one of the biggest investments. This is a big operation. They have over 175 horses and it rewuires lots of money, time efforts person power.

But when you do smth, when you do it with love and appreciation there is no expense spared.

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