No one took this poor dog but watch what happens when this girl notices him


All of us have heard lots of cases when some individuals or organizations work days and nights and try their best to save the abused dogs. Have you ever wondered, are these dogs really „rescued“?

Our team found out that most of them end up being in shelters, until they got adopted. And that they are under risk of euthanize if they are not taken after a certain number of days.

This story is about a dog that wants to be adopted for a lond time now. He is such a cute little quite dog. He has his tiny bed in the place where he sits and watches people passing by and ignoring him.

He never tries to make any sound to impress them, he just watches them hopefully, to be noticed.The poor soul was so devastated when he saw that his neghbour dog was adopted but he was not.

So he lost his hope, and started thinking that no ne is going to take him. One day a little girl was passing by. She didn’t notice him at first sight but then she came back and put his hand on the glass.

The puppy met her hand with his paw. This couple was meant to be together.This is a real miracle. Yes!! She adopted him, we can see in the end of the video how they sleep together in front of the fire. This news is so happy and joyous for us.

You can see the exciting video below!!

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