A loyal dog waited for his owner days and nights who left him on the one side of the road


Dogs will never give up on you or stop waiting you. So such case happened with the hero of our today’s story. This dog was left all alone on the side of teh road.

But he never stopped waiting for his owners to come back and take him. Fortunately one motorist noticed the puppy and rushed to help.

Every day he visited him to see weather he was okay there maybe he needed something and to see if his owner came to take him or not.

Many people who wanted to help the dog provided him umbrellas so that he could be protected from sun and rain.
The dog endlessly looked at the direction where his owners drove their car.

He was not going to leave his place as he thought that when his owner comes back he will miss him.

His photos were spread all over the social media and soo he was rescued fortunately. And then he was taken short after being in the shelter and will live his life happily.

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