His heart ached so much after family dumped him, shuted himself down and cried all day


Meet Ritter a 4 year-old dog, who is from Indiana. He was lately taken to Human Society. Because of bad situation family left Ritter.

As you can see in the picture Ritter’s home was significantly harmed by this cunstruction. He longs his relatives so much, and cannot understand why he had to all the time be in this cold shelter.

He is so heartbroken and devastated. And that disappointment broked his spirit. So he hangs his head down and do not want to make any eye contact.

Everyone has got another chanse in life and we know that very well. So was with Ritter. When a marvolous and nice family decided to adopt him. His new family assured him that they will cure him with their affection and attention.

They will help him sense safe and valued once again. Just wait Ritter you’ll be just awesome.

View their hearttouching video below.

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