Retired police dog cries when being reunited with his owner


There are so many sad moments in our life thet we ned some good ones to keep them and always remember. This story is about an 8 year old police dog that was called Wangwang.

He became so emotional when he saw her former owner. On June 2019 she left her handler as she retired from police service but her former owner was still working as a patrol officer.

She was adopet by a very beautiful and loving family in China. Last month, Wangwang was visited by her post owner who lives in the neighborhood, near her new family.

Their reunion was so emotional and tearful. The dog could not keep her tears when she finally saw her handler.

Their unition video was posted on social media and gone viral. It made so many people emotional and wordless.

That what means loyalty.

Watch their beautiful video below.

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