Heroic dog helps save lives in Ukraine by detecting explosives


We all continue following the news about Russia and Ukraine, and hear bunch of inspirational stories about them. It’s mainly about how people put under risk their lifes to save their pet’s lives and such like stories.

And the pets in back favor support Ukrainian armed forces . As the hero of our fixtion. His job wasto find explosive weapons. .

Patron, the pup who is especially exercised to sniff out Russian explosive bombs. And we can see him wearing his protective vest and by his sense of smell to get the location of bombs.

Dogs are well-known for their incredible sense of smell. So they can be especially trained to detect explosives.They find the bombs and humans diactivate them saving dozens of lifes.

They really do help people and make great difference.

They posted all the photos of the pup on Facebook and everyone was prasing him. So let’s say thank you dear, for your great job. All the people wish him safety and well being.

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