Kitten sneaks out of crate to comfort scared dog at the vet


Meet Ginger he was found in a storm drain after a huge rain storm. He was completely soaked and in need of help.

So when he was brought to a animal hospital but they did not know what to do and did not know anything about his health they isolated him to recover in peace.

At first days he was very confused so everyone was walking around and caring for him.

Happily for him he got all the isolation room for himself except for Anne. When people were coming around to give him food at first he acted weirdly and then seeing foot acted very joyously.

So what comes to Anne she was also brought to hospital as a stray. She was found hiding in a bush. When being found she was very weak.

Everyone immediately understood that she was weak and sick. So they did their best to heal her.

As a matter of fact in hospitals isolation wards are unique for each animal. Anne and Ginger were far away from each other.

So there was no possibility that they could have any contact. But as it turned out Ginger had other plans. One day they were found cuddled with each other. This scene was shocking for the staff at first.

So this was it the couple have decided that they belong to each other and that they were going to stay together. No one could separate them even after trying really hard.

They even tried to move the kitten to his cage back but he immediately found a way to his loved one. So they are now sharing the same ward all the time and could not be happier ever.

They share such a great love that everybody agrees is fantastic. They are like a real good friends and they adore the time spent together.

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