Sleepless-dog lay beside woman and closed her eyes for 1st time since rescue


Meet Bella a dog from Romania that spent most of her life in the animals shelter where she was not treated in the best way possible.

They are very often kept outside and that are not the best conditions for them. And also they are not supplied with needed amount of food.

So Bella was redused in weight and was in a very bad situation. She never felt love. Every day in a shelter was breaking her heart. When the rescuers came they took them immediately to the vet.

When she set beside her first human friend she felt peace and it was the first time when she felt affection and she knew that her life was going to change forever.

Bella was extremely tired and it was obvious that she had not slept for a long time as she was patted her eyes atarted to close and she finally relaxed.

And then she placed her head on the lap of a rescuer. She had a quiet and calm woman beside her and that was all she needed.

And a happy news for the ending Bella has found her forever home and now lives happily and peacefully.

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