Woman adopts sad shelter pit bull, the dog can’t stop cuddling with his new mum


Meet Kayla Filoon who loves volunteering in a local animal shelter. And we can surely say that helping and saving animals is one of the best decisions ever made.

And it can really change your life as the animals are really very grateful animals. And the hero of our story felt that gratefullness on her own skin.

So this was the case with this couple. Russ and Kayla met at such like condition and they immediately understood that it was it, they were meant to be together. They were born to be best chaps forever.

The woman told that when she first saw him he was very skinny, had many health problems and all he did was sitting and staring at her. He was sitting there calmly and she understood that she needs to take him home with her.

So she took him and showed him how the real love was, and the dog amazed by that feelling could not stop hugging her. They were showering with love each other.

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