Giant dog waits for his favorite mailwoman everyday, this is so amazing


Encounter Eilen the lady who adopted a pup, that is so full of affection and delicacy. This dog loves to be huged by a postman Shaus, that every day came down the street. They were so connected from the very first meeting.

This cute meetings continued until the lady quitted her job. Even after the pup doesn’t stop waiting for her. Soon Fronky grew up and became a gigantic dog, and the passers by that do not know him may be scared of him.

Shaun and their bond was quite different as the pup was everyday there waiting for her. And Fronky was sure that his relative, the letter bearer would come to see him.

And as soon as she appeared in front of the door the canine ran out of the door to see her.

He waited for her to come at the gate. He sat down at the entry and wagged his tail as the sign of joy. He was standing on the fence looking for her. The mastiff became eager when noticed her.

These meeting meant a lot for the woman as well. She was enjoying her break from an intensive work. She stayed for a few minutes and then left to go on with her job.

She tried to spent some more time with him. And then after leaving she said that will not be able to come for a few days. They were both looking forward to that encountery. And now Shaun became part of their family.

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