Meet Ippo, the adorable zonkey who is half zebra, half donkey, this is really miraculous


Encounter Ippo the zonkey, that is a mixture of donkey and a zebra. All this happened when his dad bounced up from the fence and out of his cage and came into in the enclosure where lived threatened, Amiata donkeys.

There he saw Giada and some time after Ippo came to the world.Hybrids like Ippo are very rare.

They combine various traits from both parent species – their overall appearance is more like that of the donkey, but they have striped legs and tummies and a wilder temperament than that of the donkey.

Sadly like mules, hybrids like Ippo as well, are often impotent, due to various amounts of chromosome. But that should not cause any serious health problems and avert him from having a happy and fulfilled life.

With his exquisit look and great story he will probably will make many new chupss througout animal world.

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