The kitten missed the caress so much when he lived in the yard that when he was let into the house, he fell in love with a tiny puppy right away


The girl saw a kitten sitting on the fence and asked her mother what a kitty is that. Her mother answered that it was their neighbour’s cat but they did not why he was always sitting on the fence.

The mother actually knew what the matter was. The cat’s family moved out a long time ago and it was living by itself all alone. And the woman was not telling about that to her doughter as she knew she would want to bring her home.

But only a few days earlier they have brought a little dog.

When one day Vitalina’s mother came back home from work she encountered the scene where the the kitty was lying down with their puppy.

At first she wanted to make a scandal and scold her husband for bringing the cat in, but then she changed her mind when saw how the cat was hugging the pup.

He missed the caress so much that was there all the time with the dog. Not mentioning Vitalina. They were really in love with each other.

The pup grew into a gigantic dog, with the nickname Doty. And the kitten had matured. And his nickname was Rat. The owner loved him very much.

So Doti wnt to love in the yard till winter and as Rat did not know how to sleep without his pup friend he went to yard as well.

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