Police dog finds missing mother and child in ravine on first shift


Do you remember how your first day at work was?

Were you nervous about it, or did you immediately fail or maybe succeed?

But don’t blame yourself if you ever feel it, because it’s normal. Now imagine how it all looked from the dog’s point of view.

It’s Max and he’s just a hero. It was his first day on the job and it was the most epic first day on the job. With his master, his first task was to find a missing woman.

Max went to work on his first shift trying to find the woman and her young child.

He said that thanks to the excellent work, the woman’s car was quickly found.

They worked very well on this and were able to quickly find a woman with her child. Luckily, they were all right.

But there was even more territory to cover, considering the length of his disappearance. It’s time for Max to show off his skills.

Since the police had a starting point, it was easy for Max to get out of it.

Although he only recently received his license, his tracking skills came to the fore when he began extensive open-air research.

There was plenty of support from search and rescue services, but Max himself helped find them calling for help.

Well done Max, you are a real hero! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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