A Ukrainian mine-sniffing dog has been hailed as a “hero”


The internet is going crazy over this cute little dog whose job it is to sniff out and find any Russian mines.

A Ukrainian military dog ​​wearing a small Ukrainian military vest takes off from a Russian mine he found.

Apparently, dogs have been used to pinpoint mines since World War II!

They work by sniffing out the chemicals and explosives that normally seep out of mines.

Some dog breeds are able to hone in on certain scents and distinguish them from background scents, and this makes them ideal for the job.

Dogs are about 40 times better at smelling than humans.

There is nothing that can replace the discovery of a dog. So far, no machine has been created that could repeat what a dog can do.

More than 750 dogs are involved in human clearance programs in some 23 countries.

Apart from this work, the dog is like any ordinary dog, he is only two years old, and he loves cheese.

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