Great Dane and deer have an unusual but adorable friendship


Unusual pairs of animals always know how to steal our hearts. The stories about these cuties are always interesting and charming.

Some of them are so weird that you can’t even imagine. Example number one is this couple in the video below.

This cute deer and dog duo will make your hearts melt. This is Keith, the Great Dane who met the deer. When one day a deer named Pip wandered into the yard, he was very small.

They quickly became friends, and his visits to them became more regular.

This couple is famous for their adorable videos. The video below uses new clips and an old clip from 2008 to present that has never been used in any of their videos before.

They still love each other very much and it’s great to see how cute they play together.

Check out the Kate and Pip duo video below. You will definitely be captivated by their delightful and unusual friendship!

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