She lost her dog 100 days ago and cried a lot until one day she found him again


Photos of a woman who lost her dog 100 days ago have become a real sensation on the Internet.

His name is Saul and his dog is named Kongo. The incident took place on October 8, 2020, when Sol arrived home and after a long search realized that the dog was lost.

The workers, who were repairing the stairs with the help of a dog, immediately disappeared.

The passage mentions that the dog ran very fast and we could not run away from it. Saul walked the streets with photographs in his hands, pointing out the men and asking questions. Sol helped the entire city.

Someone helped her, someone even told her that it was hopeless, but she continued to search. She went to see 50 dogs, but Kongo was not among them.

Days pass and then months without hope. It was January 20th. How will Saul go next time to see the dogs we sent him pictures of?

She feared the next disappointment. There she does not find her dog, but suddenly a dog comes out of the house and runs away. Ella yells „Go away“, the dog turns around and jumps on her.

Sol wept loudly. The nightmare is finally over! If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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