This swan refused to leave his savior even after being healed and resurrected


This man, Rob Adamson, spotted the injured little swan and brought it home because the poor animal could not survive in this condition.

He fed the swan and brought it with him to his workplace. They walked, sailed and even went shopping.

And it was only when the swan fully recovered and grew up that Rob decided to return it to nature. He was then taken to the Apsimal Animal Welfare Social Company.

Here, the staff had to work with him so that he could learn and adapt to the natural conditions, but he refused to do so.

The staff called Rob and told him the swan was not eating well and refused to return to the wild.

Rob was very worried and decided to pick up the animal. Eventually they got together and became real friends.

They were a very nice family, they loved to walk together and look for different adventures.

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