A street dog who always cared for her babies and loved them as best she could


A mother’s love is so strong that nothing and no one can stop it.

This story is proof of that. When this homeless dog was seriously injured in the car, she always took good care of her little ones.

Although her leg was broken and walking was not only difficult but almost impossible, she continued to chase, feed and care for her children.

The streets are a very difficult place for animals. Especially when there are busy roads with very fast cars. Dogs must traverse these streets in search of food, water and shelter.

Many animals were seriously injured. Vaccines have become commonplace in poor areas, and many remain at home despite their injuries.

When this dog was spotted by the rescue team, she was still feeding her cubs and it was painful for her to sit down. He never rejected them, which was very surprising, because puppies are constantly rejected.

The mother hugged her babies with clean kisses and followed them as they rose as if her leg had been broken in several places.

Rescuers picked up a small family and delivered to their clinic. The veterinarian took an x-ray and realized that the mother needed surgery.

The rescue team had to muster all their resources to pay for it. Thanks to donations, my mother was operated on the next day. Puppies took care of puppies, behaved well.

The operation was successful, the dog’s mother did not complain. Even when he was angry and in pain, despite taking painkillers, he was a true soldier.

He impressed his new human friends by being so warm and friendly that he spent his entire life on the streets, overwhelmed and abandoned.

When the mother dog was recovering and she was put in a cast, the babies were brought to her. They were so happy to see that their mother was safe.

He kissed them and they pressed against his body. The little family slept, and the volunteers slept.

It’s time for a mother and her children to go to a foster family. During her recovery, she will spend time there, and then give her babies up for adoption.

It will be good if they find a loving home. Thanks to the kindness of the rescuers, their lives on the streets were lost forever! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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