A woman met a cat in the store who jumped into her shopping cart


One day, Kristin Gray was doing her usual shopping before returning home when she saw a kitten. Even though she had completed several errands, she knew that she would not immediately go home when she saw him.

Gray said he was just sitting there alone. This is Boots, he’s good and will probably jump into your cart. He jumped up and curled up next to his purse.

Gray was glad Boots had chosen her. He just asked her to stay and she didn’t mind.

Gray enjoyed taking Boots around the store, and the cat enjoyed the ride. She did not know how long he would be in the cart, and although she was about to leave, she hoped that he would linger a little longer.

Gray said she was happy that he was in her basket and she petted him. She also tried not to upset him by caressing him a lot.

Boots stood there for 15 minutes and then left. He was an ordinary shop cat who liked to attract the attention of people entering the shop.

Gray says the cat felt great and it was obvious that he did this often.

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