Officer refuses to leave two frightened pit bulls found abandoned on the street late at night


It was still dark when Patrick Hennessy noticed something unexpected on the dangerous and crowded street.

It was dark, and at first he did not understand what was there, but when he approached, he saw two small pit bulls who were injured and needed help.

Patrick called the police. The Orange County cops came and one of the dogs walked over to one of them, who reached out and quickly settled into his arms.

The two girls were very scared, but at the same time excited that the most handsome boys in town had saved them.

Unfortunately, one of the dogs was in a very bad condition, they assumed that their car was hit, given the location where they were found.

One of the passers-by, Adam, photographed the moment when the police cracked down on the dogs and was impressed by their mercy.

Gorgeous puppies with a pink collar around their necks were abandoned by previous owners. But this time they were not going to repeat themselves.

They stayed with the police, kissing and hugging them until Animal Welfare arrived. The two pit bulls were named Liberty and Justice.

They were taken to the shelter, and Orange County Animal Services said the dogs were found at home forever.

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