Dog brothers lost their father and consoled each other


Dogs are our friends and they love us with all their hearts. This proves that they are very loyal creatures.

Two adorable dogs who suddenly need one in the house, love for each other has helped them survive. However, their bond will also be their biggest problem.

Tonka and Little Pi traveled to Colorado with their father Christopher Bushing after the virus. They went hiking in the mountains and set up camp.

Unfortunately, when they climbed higher, dad lost his balance and fell, accidentally taking the dogs with him. Christopher died instantly and both were injured.

Their loyalty never wavered and both dogs refused to leave their father. It was a real rescue operation.

Rescuers quickly took them to the shelter, one of them had a broken leg, and the other had minor injuries.

They were very scared and did not understand what was happening. They were together all the time and supported each other. The vet stabilized the leg and took her home.

And another dog’s injury required treatment. They were different and it was impossible to leave them together, then they decided to separate them.

The father’s cousin takes in Little Pi, and Tonka is taken in by a foster family. Little Pi is fine, but their biggest concern is Tonka. Tonka is ten years old, and her father gave birth to her since childhood. Will he ever get over his injury?

| These individual foster families are temporary. These two dogs need to find each other as soon as possible. Losing their father was very bad for them.

Now they are looking for permanent housing for living together. They should be the only dogs in the house. If you or someone you know is interested in implementing this pair, please share this information and story.

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