Lost dog cries when he finally sees his family


Nothing can be more frightening and disturbing than the disappearance of a family member.

We cannot imagine the grief and dismay Rustico Samson and her family experienced when their beloved puppy Koko went missing.

They looked for him everywhere. Samson said that he cried a lot because it was very difficult for him. There was so much grief, so much pain. Coco was part of their family.

He was unsuccessfully searched for several months. But they did not lose hope. They decided to try everything they could.

They could never forget him and kept looking. And Samson always continued to look for him and one day he found out that he was found.

It has been 3 months since Koko’s disappearance when Samson learned that a puppy was seen that matched Koko’s description.

Samson noticed a puppy lying on the ground and realized that it was his beloved dog.

When Koko spotted Samson, the little puppy could hardly believe his eyes. Completely upset, he went up to Samson and wept.

He was so happy that he finally found his father that he cried and moaned, wagging his tail.

He was filled with joy and relief, and was incredibly happy.

He is already in good hands, they were so glad to have found him! They really hoped so!

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