Every year the stork travels thousands of miles to see his love, his wounded soul mate


When we hear this story, we are convinced that true love is endless.

True love overcomes all obstacles, be they big or small, these storks are a great example of this. They are from Croatia.

They have been in love with each other for a long time, they are still inseparable. One of the storks is called Klepeta, the other is Malena.

Klepeta is very devoted to Malena, now we will tell a story after which you will be convinced of her fidelity.

A few years ago, Malena was wounded by a hunter. The stork could not fly. She felt terrible, especially since she could not fly through the air to be with her husband. He had to leave her for the winter when he was not in warm countries.

He may not be with his beloved winter, but then he will return to her.

Every fifteen years, Klepeta returns to her beloved Malena every March, for which she travels more than 8,000 miles.

These storks are not afraid of the distance between them, they are always together, no matter what. In this case, even such a long distance did not separate them.

Stepan Vokic always takes care of them, he lives where storks nest. He says that Klepeta comes back once a year at the same time. And he offers her a bucket full of fish.

But once Klepeta came to Malena a week earlier, and Stepan did not believe that he had not yet looked at the bucket. Klepeta couldn’t stop eating it.

And now they have built a small nest and live together. They have already raised over forty storks. Their love is so strong that they overcome all difficulties.

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