This woman opened a home for the elderly dogs


This woman opened a shelter for abused elderly dogs so they can retire in love and comfort.

They spent many years saving animals and finding new homes for them. But over time, they got a little slower, so they had to find another way to help.

They came up with a plan and turned their house into a non-profit nursing home for the elderly so they could come and live their final years in comfort.

Sadly, Joe passed away 2 years later, but Cher continued to do a great job for him.

She said she misses him every day, but knows that he would be proud if we continued to accept as many older pets as possible and treat them with compassion in their later years.

It is funded by donations and at the same time accepts about 30 pets from 12 to the last days of life.

Lisa Browning took her father’s oldest dog home when his family could no longer take care of him. She said it was a wonderful place of hope and love that she would always keep in her heart.

Cher taught Max how to use the dog trap and gave him his own bed in the lobby, where he soon became the official host of At Home with Heart.

His father was able to visit the temple several times and interact with Max.

She said he was so grateful that Cher was with her dog when he died.

When his father died shortly thereafter, he was happy knowing that he would be reunited with his mother and Max.

At Cher’s home, many of the less capable and previously abused animals are homes where they can rest with full stomachs and full hearts.

She is assisted by 60 volunteers who regularly take care of the pets, care for them, play sports and play.

The satisfaction she gets from caring for them during their golden years has been priceless to her.

Cher even sleeps on the couch downstairs to help a few puppies who need help getting out for walks at night. She says that animal care starts at 6 am and ends at midnight.

She says they look a lot like older people, some of whom suffer from heart problems, dental problems, urinary incontinence or blindness.

Cher tries to remember each of the past animals by taking casts of their paw prints and burying their ashes in the yard.

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