Little Yorkie puppy is trying to show his skills and scare with his cute barking


Most animals try to appear larger when they feel threatened, either by raising their back, wings, or tail, or by barking and crying very loudly.

Even though the animal itself is a small creature, it can intimidate animals with these defensive body tricks.

But the puppies in the next video are a completely different story. Their barks are too soft to intimidate, but that doesn’t stop them from going out of their way to scare everyone away.

They’re only 3 weeks old, so they don’t scare anyone yet, but let’s look at them in a few years! No one will laugh at them anymore. If only they could stay this cute forever!

After a large group of guinea fowls invade the area, they start going crazy. They do their best to look cool and intimidating, but they just look like adorable fluffy balls that you want to hug!

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