The guy experimented with eggs from the supermarket and hatched a cub


This is Cameron Williams and one day he ordered an incubator, then he bought a cute duck in the supermarket and went home to test everything.

He wanted to make sure the duck would come out of the eggs, but was very skeptical about its success. But he was seriously mistaken.

He said he bought the incubator for a pretty high price, but when he saw the video he decided to try it himself and understandably didn’t believe he could do anything.

He thought that it would not work out, but in any case, the interest was greater.

The incubator worked very well, it was automatic and rotated the eggs by itself. Exactly 28 days later, Cameron suddenly noticed cracks in one of the eggs, and 48 hours later, a baby began to hatch from the egg.

He really wanted to see it with his own eyes and his wish came true.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, but he was very happy.

Now Cameron says that he cannot imagine his life without a child, as he loves her very much and keeps her at home as a pet. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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