This dog always sleeps in his box because he is used to sleeping there


Staff at a dog shelter in Detroit, where a dog named Captain lives, knew little about him when he arrived at their shelter.

He was found on the street looking for food. He was very hungry and ill, wearing only a red collar. But they soon discovered that he had a particular bedtime habit.

The shelter has a large number of dog beds, but none of which the dog likes. Every night he catches up with them for the benefit of his cage.

A cardboard box is the only way for a dog to fall asleep. Upon arrival at the shelter, the dog had to be treated for a respiratory infection and a heartworm. He has since made a full recovery and has become their favorite.

Millman-Rinaldi says the Captain is an adorable little boy. He has the best wagging tail and loves to show off his unusual tricks.

Despite everything he went through, he remained very kind. He knew his basic commands and obeyed them. According to his adoption list, the dog would like to live in the house with the owner.

He gets along well with most dogs, but he should be introduced to new friends with caution. Captain will also benefit from an owner who will continue basic training with him, as he is shy.

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