Paralyzed bunny surprises rescuer and learns to jump again


Desi is a rabbit who was paralyzed after being hit by a car while trying to run away from the rabbit. Live Freely Sanctuary convinced a rabbit collector to give them a rabbit.

Most people thought that Desi would no longer be able to walk. One of them immediately noticed that his legs were trembling, and they knew that he had the potential to walk.

Desi went to physical therapy and always showed progress and determination. They have done a lot of research on what it takes to make a rabbit wheelchair.

A custom wheelchair was made for Desi and they adjusted it when it needed adjustments. He quickly got used to the wheelchair.

At the shelter, he was nicknamed „Desi Zoom Zoom“ because he was constantly on the move. Everyone was happy that he remained so cheerful. After a while, they noticed that he could already stand on his own.

He even knocked over his own wheelchair, as if hinting that he no longer needed it. The employees wept with happiness when they first saw him jump.

When rabbits are happy, they do something called binky. As if happiness comes from them! Desi rocked a lot and didn’t get out of the wheelchair for about 7 months!

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