German Shepherd found alive after five weeks in the Pacific Ocean


A dog has gone missing off an island called San Clement. It was a German Shepherd. Everyone guessed that he fell out of the boat and drowned. But five weeks later he was found and he was safe and sound.

Luna, the dog, was on a fishing boat with his owner when he was suddenly thrown into the ocean. The owner reported that the dog was missing and had not been found for days.

He was searched for about two weeks, but was not found. The owner, however, said he was almost certain the dog came ashore because he was a good swimmer.

They couldn’t see anything in the water and couldn’t find Luna, as it was nearly impossible in the ocean. But a month later, Luna is spotted on San Clement Island, not far from San Diego.

Pets were not allowed there, so Luna was immediately noticeable. They went to Luna, called her, and she immediately jumped into the car.

He was sitting in the road and just wagging his tail when they noticed Luna. It was a bit surprising for them to see a pet there.

Luna probably ate the mice there and survived. After examining him, the vet said he was in perfect health, only that he was malnourished.

Luna was thrilled to finally be found and reunited with her family.

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