A kind man crosses an icy pond to save a drowning dog


There are still some people in our world who are ready to help animals and even save their lives if necessary. In this critical situation, a real hero did everything to save the life of a helpless dog.

A guy in Russia decided to save the life of a drowning dog. He wasn’t even wearing shoes or a shirt, even though the temperature was below zero.

The stranger goes to the hole in the frozen pond where the same dog fell. The dog growled and bit him as he tried to pull him out. As you can see in the video below, the dog was definitely very excited and scared.

Before the hero pulled the dog out of the water and carried it to a safe place, the dog bit him several times, but this did not stop him!

There was a man there to film the rescue of the dog and the exploits of the daredevils. The dog exits the frame after being released, and the guy washes his injured hand with snow.

According to Levashov, at that moment, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived and provided first aid to the man, perhaps the dog was homeless.

We hope that the dog will be able to find someone who will help her get out of this state. However, the efforts of the Good Samaritan are to be applauded!

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