Lost dog cries with joy when owner finds him after 3 years of searching


We are all afraid of losing our pets. Not knowing where they are, if they are okay or if something is hurting them.

In 2015, his beloved dog Jorge disappeared from his home in Tbilisi. And although they were separated, it seemed like they might never see each other again, it was obvious that they still missed each other.

He looked for him everywhere and asked the neighbors. But time has passed and nothing has changed.

And then one day they finally found him. In October 2018, they spotted a dog that looked a lot like him.

He was given a yellow tag, which meant he was a stray puppy. Luckily, they contacted Beregiani and told him about the dog. Beregiani rushed there, hoping the dog was still there. He saw the dog and immediately knew it was Jorge.

Going to the tree where the dog was sleeping sadly, they named the puppy’s name, and Jorge recognized his name. He looked at him in disbelief and immediately turned away.

A very sweet moment followed when they got to know each other. Frankly, the clip is very touching.

The dog was very happy, even though he jumped on his former master and showered him with kisses.

There are many stray dogs in the city of Tbilisi, some of them are fed by restaurant workers. Nobody knows exactly how he survived, but he was very happy to see them.

It was a wonderful moment that won people’s hearts.

People are in awe of the excitement of the dog and the sweet reunion.

Look how they reunited, it’s very touching! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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