The dog’s legs were amputated and he got a second chance at life


All animals are worthy of love, even if they are completely different.

Some animals have a disability and unfortunately this can sometimes lead to euthanasia. But there are caring people who do everything possible to give them a second chance at life.

The dog lost his legs after being abused and was almost depressed until he received an amazing gift that helped him get back on his feet.

The dog, named Monica, was found last December. The dog was mistreated and had severely injured legs that had to be amputated.

Rescuers took him away but were shocked when experts told them the legless dog needed to be put down. Instead, they decided to look for another option.

We found a veterinarian who made prostheses for dozens of animals. For him, this was the first experience of making prosthetic legs for a dog, but he agreed. The set of four legs was made of titanium and created on a 3D printer.

After the legs were created, the vet operated on Monica and gave him new „legs“. However, no one knew how the dog would adapt to this.

But soon she surprised everyone. The veterinarian was delighted that his work had made such a difference in the dog’s life․

She went from almost sedated to thriving on new legs.

What an incredible story! We are very happy that the dog feels on his new legs – thanks to everyone who helped him! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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