During the accident, the dog was thrown out of the car window, and the owners could not find it for a long time


One day, Stephanie and Dwayne had a fun day at the beach with their 3-year-old dog Roo. But the day turned sour after he was in a serious car accident.

Their vehicle overturned and landed in a nearby grassy field, but fortunately they sustained only minor injuries. They immediately checked themselves, but realized that the dog was not in the back seat.

They saw that the rear window was broken and began to think of the worst. Stephanie was sure their dog Roo was already dead.

Despite bleeding from his head, Dwayne began crawling on the ground looking for the dog while Stephanie called 911. They searched the road and the nearby grass for him, but to no avail.

After the arrival of the ambulance, Dwayne was taken to the hospital, and firefighters and traffic police used heat sensors to search for Roo.

Dwayne was diagnosed with a broken sternum, but since Stephanie couldn’t be with her husband due to the virus, she returned to the area to pick up her puppy.

They couldn’t find him. Stephanie posted about Roo on social media to get the attention of as many people as possible.

At this time, even strangers joined the search for Roo. She saw a post someone posted on Facebook. This brought them to an area 5 kilometers from the crash site.

Fortunately, apart from the rash and soft tissue damage, he had no other problems. Roo was found, and everything finally worked out.

Stephanie hopes their story will teach people how to buy harnesses for their pets. If you liked it, please share it with your friends and family.

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