Fun-loving retiree spoofs stars in photos in a fun way


Now pensioners know how to entertain themselves and others no worse than teenagers.

It is Olga Simonova and she takes bold and funny photos without fear of ridicule and condemnation.

For the first time, she parodied the photo of the athlete Lyasan Utyasheva.

But she failed to repeat her image, and as a gymnast Olga failed. But she found a way! She used the mop as a second leg!

People liked the picture, everyone noted his creative impulse and comedic talent! So she started taking more pictures and doing skits.

Before retiring, Olga worked as a nurse in a hospital. After her retirement, she began to actively explore the Internet. Looking at other people’s parodies, she began to create!

Olga said she had a good sense of humor. And her mother helps her create such images and makeup.

Olga says that her mother’s advice helps her a lot. She ignores the bad comments and says that laughter is very important and prolongs life.

It’s good for her that she gives people a reason to laugh, it’s better than if they cried because of you!

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