Separate TGV car in Japan, exclusively for dogs with their owners


In Japan, a railroad company has found a way to allow dogs and their owners to travel together.

They have created a special dog travel trolley, and now they can make their trips on the lap of their beloved owners.

Usually dogs do it in portable boxes. Over the weekend, about 20 lucky people made this incredible journey out of the cage with their owners.

On May 21, a Shinkansen car of the Japan Railway Company is dedicated to them.

So the dogs are already free with their owners after an hour trip to Ueno Station in Tokyo.

This idea came about in response to a great demand from pet and dog owners.

The owners were happy to relieve their friends of the stress and crampedness of their cage, and the animals looked relaxed.

Everything was planned for their safety. The seats are covered with plastic sheeting and air purifiers are installed throughout. And after the trip, there is always a general cleaning.

These Japanese bullet trains have a top speed of 320 km/h. They are also known for their high level of hygiene and comfort.

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