A six-day-old orphan kitten, rescued from the street, looks after his only brother and sister


These beautiful kittens were found on the street, they were orphaned, and after that they were taken to the hospital.

They needed to be bottle fed and cared for regularly, and the founder of Foster Kittens Of Melbourne said he was professional and could take care of the cats.

He greeted the cats and noticed how attached they were to him. One of the brothers was named River, and the other was Rain.

They were very happy that they were finally in a safe place and had a good guardian by their side.

Despite his young age, River played the role of an older brother, allowing Rain to hug him when he was in dire need of a hug.

They were so beautiful when they were orphaned together that when they were ready to adopt, they would definitely leave together as a couple.

They protect, soothe and even allow you to lie on top of each other. They are waiting for the cat to finally grow up and start doing crazy things!

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