The dog on his deathbed looked intently at the person who paid attention to him and smiled through the pain


For homeless animals, finding food, water or a safe place is a very big problem. They face many problems living on the streets.

This dog was trying to find food, but he was hit by a car and he was all alone. He decided he would not live anymore and began to suffer in an abandoned house.

He stood there for 5 days and screamed in pain when he was heard and found. It was extremely painful for him and he hardly moved. His rescuer couldn’t even imagine how much it hurt him at that moment.

He decided to take the dog into his care and look after him. How could a dog live so many days without food or water?

Soon, when he appeared in his car, he looked at the nice man and smiled. Despite so much pain and uncertainty, he realized he now had a chance to live.

When they got to the vet, the dog was found to have blood parasites. They could be treated with medication. Tests showed the dog had severe nerve damage and no one knew if he would be able to walk again.

The local lifeguard and vets teamed up to help her. Physiotherapy was his best option. Using the bandage, veterinary staff and volunteers did their best to help the dog get back to his body and walk.

The dog was willful and so sweet. He’s not used to people paying attention to him. He finally feels like a special dog!

To say he was on the verge of death is an understatement. He would have died alone in this old house, but now he is surrounded by kind people, excellent medical care, food and water.

Its future looks bright! He is making more and more progress every day and the veterinarian is convinced that he will walk again, they are doing everything for that! If you liked this, please share it with your friends and family.

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