The dog was stuck under a large tree for several hours and called for help


This dog hid under a large tree for hours, calling for help without strength.

And suddenly, by chance, a passer-by heard the dog’s call for help and went up to the fence, but nothing was visible.

He had to climb over the fence to see this poor dog, which was in serious condition.

He got stuck under a log and could not get out from under it. The other dog, who was probably his friend, couldn’t help him, but he didn’t leave him and stayed there. The man tried to lift the log and saved the dog.

Fortunately, the dog was not seriously injured. He was lucky, it was like a real miracle. The dogs joyfully ran towards this man, as if expressing their gratitude.

Everything could have ended much worse, unfortunately, if this person had not appeared at the right time, probably no one would have helped him.

He seemed to have come down from heaven! Now they live together safe and sound.

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