Two police officers risk their lives to save two dogs from a fire


The sheriff’s deputies didn’t think they could find the dogs, but luckily they did and hurried to the scene. To the delight of all of us, they arrived on time.

This incident took place in Georgia, where officers found a burning trailer. Kursy and Captain O’Brien were waiting for firefighters when they heard barking from the burning area.

They saw a black Labrador with a chain. They tried to cut it, but it didn’t work because the chain was too thick. He was afraid to approach him, thinking that he might bite him.

However, his partner grabbed him by the collar and cut him open.

The dog got scared and ran away, but they saw another Labrador locked in a cage near the fire.

The bars of the cage became hot from the fire, and the particles of fire were scattered around, it was very difficult to approach him.

The policeman took the empty box and threw it away so they could go to the dog and let it go.

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