The dog saved the child’s life, so he expressed his gratitude


In one of the villages in Russia there lived a huge pit bull, and people avoided it because they were afraid of its terrible appearance.

Once, when one of the residents, Zinaida, was leaving the store, she saw a dog in front of her. The woman was not afraid, but instead thought about how to help a homeless dog.

The dog looked well-groomed, but since he had not eaten anything for a long time, he lost a lot of weight. The dog approached the woman to find something tasty in her purse, and the woman began petting her.

He took the dog to his house, fed it and arranged a dog bed in front of the house. He named the dog Bass and from that day on they became good friends.

Zinaida told him the story of her life, and the dog listened patiently. Although his relatives assured him that it was dangerous to keep a dog, he did not refuse the dog.

In the summer, his daughter’s family came to his house and fell in love with the dog.

Once the boys and girls were playing, and suddenly someone fell into the river and could not get out. The other got scared and called for help. When Bass heard them, he ran and jumped into the water.

Now everyone in the village was talking about Bass’s heroic deed. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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