The veterinarian refused to treat the puppy, but this girl decided not to give up and give him a chance


This touching story teaches us all a great lesson: no matter what others say, don’t give up on who you love and what you believe in.

Andrea found a lost puppy and decided to save it, but the poor animal was in terrible shape. His body was beardless, his ears were infected with mange, and he didn’t even look like a dog.

But all of that made him unique to his current owners, and they were determined to help him recover.

It was not easy because everyone judged him on his appearance, even the vet had told him that recovery would be difficult and that it would be better if he was euthanized.

She recalled how scared he was the first time Andrea found him and thought about getting the adorable dog back and giving him time to take care of him.

Andrea gave him antibiotics and bathed him in coconut oil and his health started to improve, and after 3 months the dog had already flowered and the air was getting healthier every day.

When Andrea saw her she couldn’t keep her emotions inside, she loves him so much and always gives all her love and care. Everyone loves him and always wants to play with him and pet him.

Thank you Andrea, you made us believe that with love and care, anything can be achieved! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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