The dog did not let the rescuers help in the downpour with newborns


This poor homeless pit bull never attracted the attention of people, he had to be careful and suspicious so as not to put himself in danger. However, one day something happened that he did not expect.

Two days after the birth of her little cubs, heavy rains began in California. He hid his cubs in the bushes, but they could not stand him for long and might not survive.

For several months now, people have been noticing them and even trying to feed and care for these babies! There were people who tried to take them to the shelter, but the dog kept trying to run away.

During a severe storm, rescuers tried to save them but could not find them. They couldn’t see where the dog was hiding with her cub.

Above all, he had to earn her trust. They tried to get inside and save the children, but they couldn’t because the dog wouldn’t let them in.

The dog may attack and bite them.

Thus, they were able to gain the trust of the dog and save it, thanks to which the dogs are healthy, clean, beautiful and, most importantly, they are no longer in danger!

After a while, they will be ready for adoption. Check out this great video about them. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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