Where they lay down, they fell asleep there: a selection of funny photos of sleeping cats


Soldiers can sleep upright, but cats can compete with them.

We never cease to be amazed at four-legged stuffed animals: they are ready to sleep around the clock in the most unrealistic and funny poses. However, they look very happy.

Pendulum bed Finally, I’m in the shade: it’s nice and cool here.

It is so cozy and smells like a beloved hostess.

By the way, sleeping in your pocket is extremely convenient.

This blowjob is so hot.

My belly is the sweetest place in the world.

I sleep better this way. I love this shoe. It’s so expensive.

Very comfortable

I grew up, but the chair remained the same.

You won’t find a more comfortable place

I like to tinker like that. The main thing is that the bottom is soft, and everything else does not matter.

Food is not just for eating. You can sleep there.

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