The couple planned to have one child, but instead they had 5 children


Each couple decides for themselves how many children they should have. But there are cases when, instead of the planned one child, 5 were born.

Such was the history of this Russian family. Their first child died from an illness.

The mother switched to hormones, which allowed her to conceive and give birth to five children at the same time.

During pregnancy, doctors advised them to get rid of several embryos, as it is difficult for a woman to have five children at the same time. But the couple refused such a proposal from the doctor.

The children were born prematurely, they were in the incubator for some time until they grew up. They were born in exile, after which their parents returned to Moscow.

When the parents returned to Russia, they received a renovated, furnished apartment from the state.

Now the girls are 13 years old, they participate in various activities, and also go to church with their parents.

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