A victim of burns, this puppy miraculously survived a fire in his home


This Shiba Inu ended up in a burning house and nearly died. But thanks to dedicated veterinarians, he recovered.

The incident happened a few years ago when Taki’s house caught fire. Because the fire had just spread, the family members were able to quickly get out of the house, but were unable to take the dog with them.

But fortunately, Taka was alive, he escaped and immediately ran out into the street.

He was heartbroken to see his neighbor and the dog took him away. Although he had several burns on different parts of his body, they still couldn’t say anything definitive.

But one day, when it became difficult for Takan to breathe, he was taken to the Orgia State University clinic, where he was connected to an oxygen machine.

Here Emil, who always takes care of him, fell completely in love with my dog. According to him, he was equal to everyone, but this dog was very upset.

The dog eventually recovered within a month, and Taki’s story was widely circulated in the community.

He began to receive endless support from various groups who wanted to help him recover.

His eyes were operated on, he could blink thanks to constant resuscitations.

Gradually, he recovered, he was already able to eat and play on his own. All this can be explained by his incredible resilience, the enormous support he received from people who truly loved him.

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