A pink puppy born deaf and blind inspires children with special needs


This little puppy was born in a house that already had more than 30 dogs besides him. The baby was born in 2017, he was blind and deaf. And in such a big house, no one began to deal with his problems.

However, he was lucky and volunteers appeared in his life. They adopted the him and turned to professional veterinarian named Melissa Shapir.

She took him home and helped him with the adaptation. They gave the puppy the nickname Piglet.

The kid was quite nervous, he did not like to be alone. Even a minute without human presence horrified him, he began to scream in fear. At such moments, the hearts of the owners bled.

But for the adaptation of the puppy, the presence of other dogs in the house played a good role.

Gradually the puppy began to behave more calmly and started trust her and her husband. They developed a special system of communication with thisl little one.

The couple are very happy with the success of their ward, they even created an Instagram page for Piglet.

On it, the couple publishes various cute photos and videos that immediately attracted the attention of thousands of users of this social network.

Now Piglet has more than 250 thousand subscribers.

Thanks to the Internet, a woman who works as a teacher found out about the pig. She used the puppy’s history as the basis for her curriculum.

Thanks to her, she wanted to teach her students not to give up even in the most difficult situations.

Melissa readily supported her idea.

She helped the teacher to create a website where you can find various materials that can help develop positive thinking in children.

Melissa already plans to write an entire book dedicated to her puppy Piglet.

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