Meet Marley, the cat with a perpetually disgruntled expression that looks like he’s judging us


Meet Marley, a 13-year-old ginger tabby with a perpetually grumpy face. His face looks exactly like he is judging us and our wrong life choices!

This cutie lives in California with his Siamese brother Sherman and his beloved owners. They are a special family. Not only does Marley have such a naturally disappointed face, Sherman also has a squint.

This is Sherman, Marley’s brother.

The adorable cats have created an Instagram page with over 67,000 followers. Their fans love them so much that they give them many cute gifts!

Marley and his brother are beautiful cats loved by their family.

He has a very funny face.

It looks like he takes pity on you.

He looks at people like he wants to say, „I know what you did and I’m very disappointed.“

These expressions became part of his personality.

And we love it.

What cute boys!

Amazing fan art

To brighten up your day, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful Marley looks to share with you all! So scroll down to see! We are sure that you will find some facial expressions related to your life.

Why are you so angry, meow?

Um, I don’t like this.

Delivery of your sullen face on Monday is here!

It’s a Monday morning mood

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