A stray dog with mange thinks no one loves him, so he lies in the grass and waits for his death


This is Steven and Shana Loftin, they are one of the families in which there is always a place for dogs in need.

They took care of many dogs, but could not resist this dog named Willow, who had very little time left to live.

This dog was found by a passerby who saw him on the grass, and then posted his photo on the Internet. That’s how this family found the dog, they were trying to find and help the poor animal.

And then one rainy day they went in their truck to fetch the dog. Surprisingly, the dog was found, but he could not stand up.

As if the dog had spent the last seconds of his life in the grass. They picked him up, put the car on the ground and went to get food for him.

Since the dog was very thin and weak, he needed special food, besides, the dog suffered from an infectious disease and had to be isolated from other dogs.

After two weeks of loving care, Willow was able to get up and eat well.

Shana and her husband loved the dog very much. The example of their kindness was truly inspiring. They should no doubt be grateful for their kindness and help.

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